Tradesmen Multi-Role Assault Pack

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The Tradesmen Multi-Role Assault Pack is a solid standalone patrol pack designed for Assaulters, Grenadiers, Machine Gunners, Snipers, RTOs, and more.  Specifically, it quickly and easily can be set to meet specific needs of all the billets on the battlefield, which will easily transform what a backpack is capable of.


Main compartment:  727 in³ or  12 L

Upper Modular Compartment: 95 in³ or ~1.5 L

Lower GP: 248 in³ or  ~4.5 L

Total: 1,070 in³ or  ~18L

Carry: One of the key features of the Tradesmen Multi-Role Assault pack is that it’s meant to be directly connected to your armor. Directly connecting to the armor mitigates circulation loss from pack straps cutting into the armpits, stock weld problems, pistol presentation problems from reduced mobility, maritime release compromise and entanglement, excessive bulk of straps over the shoulder that occur with traditional shoulder straps.

Main Compartment: The zipper for the main compartment is asymmetrical giving you a full 3x panel of MOLLE on one side.  On this same side (externally), there are 6 cinch strap anchors that allow you to use the Static Cinch Straps to attach items like tripods, LAW rockets, and LMG spare barrels or any other mission specific linear item  that can be attached in a vertical orientation.Upper Modular Compartment: The versatility of the Tradesmen Pack comes from the adaptability of the Upper Modular Compartment. In its various configurations It can accept 6×5.56 mags, 6×7.62 mags, 1×200 round SAW drum, 2×M107 mags, 3x smoke grenades, 3x 500ml IV or blood expander bags, or 10x 40mm long rounds.  Additionally, there’s a loop on both internal sides allowing you to switch from a 6 mag divider to LMG flap (with or without 6 mag divider to 40mm insert) to a 3 flap with or without 6 mag divider, or zippered GP.

GP Compartment: The GP Compartment is large enough to fit 1x 200 round saw drum and a waffle shirt (or similar volume item). There are 2 rows of internal elastic loops to organized  your items for quick access at in low light/no light. In the upper left corner there is glove hook to secure sensitive items.  Externally it has 9×3 MOLLE for attaching the optional Helmet Flap, Horizontal 5x40mm pouch or any other MOLLE compatible item.  There are 2 grommet in the bottom of the compartment for drainage that have a secondary functionality when used in conjunction with the 2 drain holes in the main compartment can be used for a dynamic cinch strap for securing light loads to the bottom of the pack like wet weather gear, ponchos, patrol Ghillies or other similar items.


#ArborArmsUSA #ArborArmsNewfor2018 #TradesmenMultiRolePack #AAJackofAllTradesMasterofSome #TradesmenLine The Tradesmen Multi-Role Pack allows you to clip into your FRC Kit-RS, Flex Assaulter PC or HPRG Flex CAS without compromising your maritime release as well as being highly configurable for whatever mission set you find yourself tasked with, check out the options at

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