Minimus Placard


These buckles are to be attached directly to the buckle attachment points on your placard, while leaving a second buckle on plate carrier. They must match the buckles you use for your cummerbund.

Works in conjunction with the Minimus Placard to allow you to quickly scale your load with the addition of role specific pouches for, grenadier, breaching or other specialty kit by adding MOLLE to the front and sides of the placard


The Minimus Placard is a low-profile 3 Mag placard that creates streamlined front plate bag and  minimal additional items on your armor.  It features our Frill Buckle Attachment System which provides a variety of  buckle mounting options to use in conjunction with our cummerbunds or our Link Chest rig system. I you want scalable options you can add our Minimus COA Panel which wraps the face of the placard adding MOLLE/PALS slots for mission specific loads that can easily be added or removed as the mission dictates. the Minimus Placard Can also be used with our GP Insert Small to give flat zipper storage behind the mags.


MultiCam, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black, MultiCam Black, Wolf Grey

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