CAS 2.0 (Communicator Armor System)

From: $379.99

  • Updated and Enhanced iteration of our original CAS plate Carrier
  • Lightweight
  • Scalable
  • Purpose Built for JTACs and Other Radio Centric Users
  • Accepts Any of our Layered Placard Options and Enablers
  • Multiple Comm Cable and Antenna Routing Options


The  CAS 2.0 is a direct evolution of our flagship Communicator Armor System (CAS) Pate Carrier. It incorporates all our lessons learned and end user feedback to update, lighten and enhance or original design with maximum use of technical fabrics and modern manufacturing techniques resulting in a lightweight, comfortable and feature packed Plate Carrier system. As with all members of the FLEX family of Plate Carriers and Cummerbund kits it gives you the advantages that come from our several Buckle options including two or three strand First Spear Tubes® and 3 strand National Moulding TakTic Buckle cummerbunds. All of our cummerbunds incorporate our  proprietary slotted MOLLE elastic. With this system you get mobility, speed, silence, and ease of access for donning and doffing as well as easy patient wound access during medical treatment under fire. The CAS 2.0 features an emergency Maritime/Emergency cut away system with a separate release on each side, the pull toggle for which can be exposed for easy access during maritime operations when drowning risk is high or stowed in the low-pro position when snag risk is more important than speed to access. As with its predecessor it has many comms cable/antenna routing options to minimize exposed wire snag hazards and allowing the carry and use of multiple radios without the compromise of the maritime release. The CAS 2.0 is completely scalable and can be configured with any of our placard, side armor and radio pouch options in order to accommodate your mission from full combat load outs to a slick minimalist setup as your mission dictates.

sizing is based on your plates and is sized  and cut for X-SAPI/E-SAPI sizes Small- X-Large



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