Medical Nut Ruck – Plus

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Our MEDICAL NUT RUCK , like the rest of the Arbor Arms family of Nut Rucks, can be worn 4 ways:

  • As a traditional fanny pack with its stowable/ removable waist strap
  • Directly attached to our SALT belt system or similar MOLLE gun belt via snap on side release buckles
  • Attached to a plate carrier or velcro belt via the built in velcro hanger flap
  • Attached to a plate carrier via our First Spear Tube Hanger

As with all of the Arbor Arms Family of Nut Rucks have bottom drainage grommets are spaced 3″ apart to allow the use of our Multi-Mode Tourniquet Attachment for external attachment of a NAR CAT Gen 7 or similar  Tourniquet

Dimensions: 8″ x5.5″x 3.25″

Weight: 9.8 oz/280 g

Would you like to add our First Spear Tube attachment hanger to quick-connect/disconnect your Nut Ruck to your plate carrier?

Allows you to attach your tourniquet to the base of your Nut Ruck using the drainage grommets.

Attaches to web loops on the sides of your Nut Ruck allowing you to easily attach CQB Chem-Light markers, gloves, or other items you want to have ready access to.

Want to clip your Nut Ruck in to your MOLLE belt over the buckle area? This is 2 sets of Snap-On SRBs so you can clip in.


Although the Family of Nut Rucks have many design similarities the Medical variants differ in that they have a full wrap around  zipper clam shell configuration that allows them to open flat for easy access to the contents in a medical emergency. The interior features our Check-Mate™ attachment system, the Check-Mate™ panel allows elastic loops to be attached at any location in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.  The flat pockets on the inside of but the front and back of the Medical Nut Rucks are oriented upright when in the ‘open position,’ creating storage for thin items such as chest seals, occlusive dressings, burn-gel, triage cards, etc. 

the Family of  Medical Nut Rucks all  have a removable waist straps and waist strap storage channel on the back, the Standard and plus models also have trauma sheer storage and glove pocket on the rear face. The sides of all variants have anchor points that allow the user to attach S-Biners to the sides and hang external items like Chem-light markers, tactical gloves or other similar items. The top rear of each medical nut ruck has an attachment point for our First Spear Tubes™ Hanger  that allows the Nut Ruck to be used a dangler pouch below the  plate bags of your body armor and have rapid one handed removal. The front of all of our Nut Rucks have a loop panel on the front for patches and marking purposes.

The Medical Nut Ruck – Plus variation was designed to hold the contents of the issued USMC IFAK and for individuals who need more medical supplies for their mission or role. the Plus variant has two Check-Mate™ panels on both the interior front and rear faces as well as a center Check-Mate™ segment. It includes 10 elastic retention bands (4x large 4x small and 2x micro), 12 Laser-Lock™ and 2 x Velcro one-wraps.

Waist Belt Buckle Type –

  • If you’re planning on wearing it as primarily as a waist pack then you’ll probably want to select he Side Release Buckle, as it is easier to doff and don and a bit more secure of a closure.
  • If you’re planning on wearing the Nut Ruck as a hanger, either from the built-in  hanger flap or via the optional First Spear Tubes™ Hanger , but you would still like the option of a waist strap for on the fly reconfiguration then the more stowable option is the G-hook.

All of the Arbor Arms Family of Nut Rucks have bottom drainage grommets are spaced 3″ apart to allow the use of our Multi-Mode Tourniquet Attachment for external attachment of a NAR CAT Gen 7 or similar  Tourniquet

Dimensions: 8″ x5.5″x 3.25″

Weight: 9.8 oz/280 g


MultiCam, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black, MultiCam Black, Grey

Waist Belt Buckle Type

Side Release Buckle, G-hook

5 reviews for Medical Nut Ruck – Plus

  1. John W. (verified owner)

    I function as a LE Tactical Medic. The Nut Ruck Plus is the perfect immediate aid kit. I keep my own IFAK in a behind the plate configuration, but the Nut Ruck allows me to have everything I would need to treat several casualties quickly at hand with a low profile. Don’t need to have any side pouches mounted. Can leave my larger backpack aid bag in the CCP vehicle. The tubes option is great if I need to pass the kit to another operator to provide care.

    Quality is great. There were a few components left out of order when I initially got it, but customer service was great with correcting the issue. Highly recommend.

  2. TYLER N. (verified owner)

    Can’t recommend enough. As a 68W I can easily keep all of my most used items, from bandaids and gauze to lights and meds, easily in the Medical Nut Ruck plus. I can keep everything for a CCA minus my stethoscope, BP cuff and IV fluid. The hook and loop hanging strip fits perfectly in the IOTV gen 3 and 4 where other fanny pack hangers wont. Over the last 5 months it has quickly become my most used and favorite piece of equipment.

  3. Mitchell C. (verified owner)

    These are so damn good, I bought two. One for my car, one for my plate carrier. The strap makes it easy to wear this as a fanny pack ifak that can quickly be given to a battle buddy for extra supplies if need be. If you want it as a hanger, the tubes attachment makes this particular use case a breeze that doesn’t rely on fine motor skills to quickly doff. If worn as a hanger the strap keep this pouch from flopping around and smacking your stomach while doing odd movements. If that doesn’t appeal to you, the strap stows very easily and comfortably. This isn’t a solution that’s only for military or LEO, as this makes a fantastic med kit for your car or bug out kit. Plus, you could use abdominal iiia inserts for that extra bit of ballistic coverage

    The regular size is great if you want to have a personal trauma ifak. However, the plus give you room to really breathe. I fit a 6″ israeli bandage, two chest seals, NAR occlusive dressing, two quikclot combat gauzes, an extra CAT in the multi-mode tq attachment, s fold gauze, and a 4″ ETD. I still have room to fit some extras of what I already have, burn dressings, boo boo stuff like bandaids, blister packs of nsaids and antihistamines, advanced airway management devices, decompression needles, or whatever else you’re trained to use in the field.

    If this short essay was too much to read, all you need to know is if you’re thinking about getting this, get it. I promise you will not regret it

  4. Talon A. (verified owner)

    This is a very versatile bit of kit. There are many attachment/carry mechanisms for use with items such as a plate carrier, velcro/molle belt, or scaled all the way down to no load carriage. The tubes can be swapped around so that the pull tab can take the nut ruck with it for a quick one handed grab. Arbor Arms was also able to easily accommodate my request for quick release buckles on both sides of the waist strap for yet another single handed release mechanism. These quick release buckles can also plug into a belt. I couldn’t find another medical style pouch with this many options. The internal organizer allows for many possibilities for configuration. I think the standard size is just a touch big with a shear holder that I won’t use, as I use mine for the equivalent of a NAR IFAK / outdoor personal aid kit with basic bleeding and boo boo items, while still staying pretty slimmed down. This size is great for a decently robust individual IFAK. I wish I would have found this sooner.

  5. Ian R. (verified owner)

    First of all, the Medical Nut Ruck–Plus is a beast! Minus an IV kit, a large abdominal dressing, and an advanced airway kit, this thing holds nearly as much as my dismount aid bag did when I was still in. The modularity can’t be beaten. Our dismount bags had a few seemingly arbitrary elastic loops and a couple of velcro pockets. I love having the pockets behind the main mounting surface. I have chest seals, casualty care cards, a boo-boo kit, and a couple of other odds and ends. Overall, It can hold two Combat Gauze, two H&H compressed gauze, one four-inch and one six-inch ETDs, two-inch tape, two decompression needles, two NPA, two cravats, and gloves… I think that’s everything!

    As the team medic for our little “neighborhood watch” and readiness group, this truly fits the bill. With four ways to carry this thing, you can do pretty much anything with it. I prefer wearing it like a fanny pack. This way, it is super easy to doff when necessary, giving unparalleled access to its contents, and it allows me to pass it off to other team members; if you need to pick up and go, you can throw it over your shoulder.

    The Nut Ruck is good to go. The Plus serves my purpose as a team medic and would be perfect for a CLS. This could definitely work as an IFAK, but it could be overkill. If an IFAK is all you need, the Standard might be more your style. Regardless, you can’t go wrong – I know I’ll be picking up one or two more!

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