The All MOLLE Placard is a straight forward placard that allows you to create your own custom loadout where unique items need to be carried, allows you to build out whatever combinations of MOLLE/PALS pouches that you need and quickly change to another placard if needed. the frill on both outside edges still allows you to  attach your buckle of choice to match your cummerbund.


Add a Set of two buckles that allows you to attach your cummerbund directly to the placard for additional security and stability or use as a chest rig

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Designed for quick exchange of loadouts when your mission changes, the Arbor Arms Gen2 MOLLE Placard is designed to allow the user to build a loadout using our or third party MOLLE/PALS compatible pouches and quickly attach it to our Assaulter or Minuteman Plate Carriers . The Gen2 MOLLE Placard comes in 2 variations that attaching via your choice of metal G-hooks or QASM side release buckles . A panel of hook Velcro on the back secures the panel to the front of the plate bag, and our Frill Attachment System allows you to add an additional set of your choice of First Spear Tubes, TakTic Buckles or 1″ Snap on Side Release Buckles (SRB) directly to the placard so that your cummerbund is attached directly to the placard and pulls the loadout down securely.


MultiCam, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black, MultiCam Black, Grey

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