Dual Adjust – Precision Rifle Sling


Dual Adjust -Precision Rifle Sling like the Dual Adjust Weapon Slings combines the Advantages of close loop slider slings with easy adjustment and no tail for both loose and patrol adjustments length, But like a cam, sling allows you to over tighten when needing to go hands-free be it for medical, detainment,  climbing,  or insertion.

This extreme adjustability mixed with anchor points allows precision rifle shooters, snipers, and hunters to add a great deal of additional support to their shooting position whether shooting from tripods, barricades, or tree stands.


QD Sling Swivel 1" D-Ring

This product is for 1 QD swivel.


  • Made in USA
  • Non-glare Manganese Phosphate Finish
  • Recessed release button
  • Heavy 1" D-ring
  • Allows use of mash or snap hook
  • Excellent for both 1" and 1-1/4"webbing
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There are 4 styles of Dual Adjust Weapon Sling;  the Carbine ( DA-C ), the Heavy ( DA-H ), the Precision Rifle Sling-Light (DA-PRS-L ), the Precision Rifle Sling-Heavy  (DA-PRS-H ), For the DA Original slings see the DA Page HERE

Both the DA-PRS-Light and DA-PRS-Heavy feature;

  • Arbor Arms exclusive Patent Pending Camming Slider Body
  • 1.25″ easy glide webbing
  • Metal 1.25″ tri-glide with a red back lock stripe
  • Weapon length/ Body girth adjustment also illuminates excess webbing and the need for cutting sling to length on shorter weapons
  • Welded steel oval pivot ring
  • Adjustable arm cuff with 1x 1/2″ anchor loop ( for snap shackles or carabiners)  and 2x 1″ web attachment points for Snap-On side release buckles, QASM, etc.
  • Double bartack reinforced belt loop anchor (for buckles, snap shackles, and carbineers

The DA-PRS-Light features the same web anchor on the arm cuff allowing the end-user to pick the layout of male and female Snap-On buckles and double split bar female SRB.  It comes with 1x double split bar female 1″ SRB, 1x female Snap-On 1″SRB, 2x male Snap-On 1″SRB.  Additional buckles can be purchased on the Components page Here.   This reduces weight on the sling while maintaining a quick release anchor for adding support to your nonstandard shooting positions.

The DA-PRS-Heavy features a powder-coated 1-7/8″ stainless steel Snap Shackle, that is built to release under great load only when the latch pin is pulled.   This snap shackle can be attached to rigger belts, the loop on the provided arm cuff, and many other loops to add support to your shooting position.


Olive Drab w/ Black hardware, Olive Drab w/ Tan hardware, Black, Tan


DA-PRS-Light, DA-PRS-Heavy


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