FLEX Assaulter Plate Carrier System

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The FLEX Assaulter is our ultra light, laser cut Plate Carrier.  As with all members of the FLEX family of Plate Carriers and Cummerbund kits, it gives you the advantages that come from our Several Buckle options including First Spear Tubes® and NM TakTic Buckle cummerbunds  including our  proprietary slotted MOLLE elastic. With this system you get mobility, speed, silence, and ease of access for donning and doffing as well as patient access during combat medical situations.


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The FLEX Assaulter base carrier allows for our most streamlined lightweight package at 1.87 lbs and allows for the addition of an integrated Maritime release to meet your mission requirements.  Additionally the FLEX Assaulter will accept any of our mission modular rigs from our Core Placard System (CPS).  This system gives the end user the flexibility to swap their Core load as the mission dictates via low profile G-hooks or Fastex buckles, allowing the end user to keep their cummerbund mounted communication packages intact while quickly swapping the Core load to whatever kit the mission requires.

The FLEX Assaulter system allows you to radically tailor your carrier to your needs, build your carrier to the specs required and save when you bundle during your initial purchase. Decided you need to add some items later? no problem, you can add them to this highly modular system any time!

  • Small 1.59 lbs / 719g
  • Medium 1.69 lbs / 765g
  • Large 1.74 lbs / 796g
  • X-large 1.84 lbs / 835g
  • Maritime release add .18 lbs / 82g
  • X-long cummerbund add .16 lbs / 73g

2 reviews for FLEX Assaulter Plate Carrier System

  1. Elias P.

    I’ve used this plate carrier for a little while now and feel I have enough time in it to give my 2 cents.
    It’s one of the lightest PCs I’ve worn, the only lighter one ive seen is a jpc but it’s barely noticeable and the weight difference is probably from the metal buckles on the cummerbund.
    The laser cut molle allows you to have either a “minimalist” or maxed out set up depending on what you want. The plate bags as small as possible meaning you won’t have to fight excess materials while the 4 way stretch material securely holds the plates with no shifting around as you move.
    The cummerbund keeps the plate carrier in the same spot on your body no matter what position you’re in and expands with your chest as you breathe making it much easier. With sprinting, jumping etc. You won’t deal with the plates riding up into your throat and choking you out.
    The 3 mag placard is comparable to the Haley d3 rigs, however I think based on a combo of the exterior being more rigid, the kydex inserts and the extra retention from the cummerbund you get better retention and an easier draw on mags. I never had any issues with mags falling out while myself and my buddies have had issues with other placards.
    As with all the other laser cut designs I’ve seen, the molle will wear out faster than traditional molle. However if you’re not changing your setup constantly it won’t be a problem.
    The way the Cobra buckle mounts creates some difficulties if you’re trying to run crye or spiritus expander/ radio wings. However with some slight modifications you can make it work.

    All in all if you’re looking for a new plate carrier you won’t be disappointed with this one. It gives you lots of options for set ups while keeping the weight to a minimum. Even if you don’t get this pc I highly recommend at least getting the cummerbund. It’s a game changer and makes life in a PC much more comfortable and maneuverable, especially if you have to wear side plates.

  2. Devin D. (verified owner)

    I was a Recon marine out of 1st and 3rd so mission adaptability is a must in my plate carrier. You can tell that from the beginning, construction of this product came from what could be optimized to fit any mission set was required of it. Here is my personal opinion of it.

    I am highly satisfied with my product and the level of professionalism taken into making sure it was exactly what I could ask for.

    The biggest part you will notice is the elastic cummerbund with cobra buckles. This is HUGE using plastic can snap and break after long term exposure and runs the risk of snapping or cracking. Elastic cummerbund means during ruck runs or going the house your plates keep snug to your natural form while maintaining rotation and mobility. If you know the phrase “ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain” You know that extra weight is a crutch and opting for the laser cut molle trims down extra weight reducing fatigue while maintaining sturdy anchor points for your molle attachments and magazines.
    All in all The FLEX assaulter is a minimalist kit that does exactly what you need it do to with improvements in the form of elastic cummerbunds, cobra buckle anchor points and laser cutting. Highly recommend for your buddies who are looking to upgrade from there current PC.

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