Replacement Woven Elastic Cummerbund


This is a single side replacement for the elastic portion of our cummerbunds. Cummerbund is made of our proprietorially woven elastic and is designed to be utilized with our end user serviceable Flex Cobra Buckle.
Medium  measures 20″ long  (recommended for chest sizes less than 50″)
X-Large measures 30″ long  can be trimmed to fit by end user.  (recommended for chest sizes over 50″)


Did an over zealous Corpsman/Medic with a strap cutter reck your cummerbund?  no worries we have replacements.
Standard size cummerbunds up to a 50″ chest.  May need to go a size up if you are close to limit and running lots of gear and or soft armor under cummerbund.
Standard up to a 48″ chest
XL  size cummerbunds 40″ to Krispy Kreme


Standard, X-Large


Coyote Brown, Black, Ranger Green, Foliage

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