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The SAFARILAND HOLSTER SINGLE LEG STRAP ADAPTER allows you to add a single leg strap to improve comfort and draw on your Safariland holsters by using a UBL 6070 series drop.


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The Safariland Holster Single Leg Strap Adapter allows you to add a single 1” or 1.5” leg strap in conjunction with the Safariland UBL 6070 series drops when a single leg strap can prevent bouncing and the ocasional bad draw stroke caused by holster movement. The adapter places the strap low enough that it is more comfortable than mounting the strap higher between the screws can sometimes be. The Adapter is laser cut from a laminated nylon aramid backed material that is extremely strong, due to the simplicity of design you can use either a 1” or 1.5” strap simply by selecting the corresponding hole on the tab.

MultiCam, Coyote Brown, Black, Ranger Green, Grey


  1. valkyriemarksmanship

    I bought this strap for my Safariland Single Strap Shroud Drop system. It works incredibly well. It’s easy to install, soft enough to be comfortable throughout long range days, easy to adjust, and durable.

  2. Josh Erickson (verified owner)

    The single leg strap adapter in combination with the swivi-lockster is one of the best, low profile, yet rugged holster management systems I have used. Cannot recommend it more – make sure to double-through the strap through the clip for a tight secure fit. Outstanding product.

  3. Zach Smith (verified owner)

    I ordered this to modify my UBL into more of an all weather carry – leg strap isn’t always what I want for summertime, casual shorts carry, but in the winter it’s nice. I tried and didn’t really like T.Rex Arms preferred method of running the leg strap through your UBL and QLS – rides way too high for me personally. So I got the strap with the swivi lockster. When this arrived at my door it felt like Christmas morning – not only was their bonus stickers and patches, but also a heavy duty, high quality strap! I guess in hindsight it’s apparent, but when I ordered I initially thought all I was getting was the strap ADAPTER and the swivi lockster, so when I found literally everything I needed, I was blown away. Install took all of ten minutes, and now my Safariland rig is even more adaptable and tailored to my needs than before. Thank you Arbor Arms!

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