Tradesmen Multi-Role Assault Pack

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The Tradesmen Multi-Role Assault Pack is a solid standalone patrol pack designed for Assaulters, Grenadiers, Machine Gunners, Snipers, RTOs, and more.  Specifically, it quickly and easily can be set to meet specific needs of all the billets on the battlefield, which will easily transform what a backpack is capable of.

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Main compartment:  727 in³ or  11.91 L

Lower GP:                   248 in³ or   4.07 L

Upper Ammo:              95 in³ or    1.55 L

Total:                       1,070 in³ or   17.53 L

Carry: One of the key features about this pack is that it’s meant to be clipped into your armor to mitigate blood circulation loss, stock weld problems, pistol presentation problems, maritime release entanglement and excessive straps over the shoulder associated with traditional shoulder straps.  There are 2 types of hardware to attach the shoulder straps to a carrier.  First, the web anchor, which weaves around a MOLLE on the upper front plate bag and locks into a tri-glide.  This will allow the pack to be attached and detached from the carrier, but may hinder maritime doffing of armor.  Second, attachment hardware is the snap on male SRB.  This can be used on our FLEX CAS, FLEX Assaulter, and our FRC Kit-RS cummerbund retrofit kit.  You may attach and detach the pack via the clip, but in the event of a maritime release the pack will come off with the rear plate bag.  In the event that you must throw the pack on under duress and are unable to clip the pack, the straps can be elongated and clipped together to make field expedient traditional shoulder straps.  If you plan to use this pack without armor, then you may also add the Padded Shoulder Strap Upgrade for wear as a traditional pack.

Main Compartment:  The zipper for the main compartment is asymmetrical giving you a full 3x panel of MOLLE on one side.  On this same side (externally), there are 6 cinch strap anchors that allow you to use the Static Cinch Straps to attach things like tripods, law rockets, and A-barrels in a vertical manner.  On top, there is a handle for hydration tubes, comm wires, and antennas.  On the opposite side, the zipper continues to 3″ from the bottom, allowing for 2x MOLLE down to the end of the zipper where it goes back to 3x MOLLE for attaching MFPs.   On the bottom, there are 4 anchors for Static Cinch Straps to attach items like SMAW or Mortar rounds.  Internally there are 3 anchor points on top on both the body side and the opposite side for hydration bladders and the Radio Lifter for PRC-117G and ASIP radios, as well as 2 small hooks for dummy cords and small critical items.  There are 2 dividers breaking the main compartment into 3 sections, with the middle section draining through 2 grommets in the bottom and the body side section venting through a grommet in the lower body side panel.  The main compartment is large enough to fit two  7.62 cans stacked on top of each other.

Top AMMO Compartment:  Much of the Tradesmen’s versatility comes from the adaptability of the ammo pouch.  It can carry 6×5.56 mags, 6×7.62 mags, 1×200 round saw drum, 2×107 mags, 3x smoke grenades, 3x 500ml IV or blood expander bags, or 10x 40mm long rounds.  Additionally, there’s a loop on both internal sides allowing you to switch from a 6 mag divider to LMG flap (with or without 6 mag divider to 40mm insert) to a 3 flap with or without 6 mag divider, or zippered GP.   There’s also a 1.5″ elastic band that goes around the pocket allowing your mags to be held snug and SILENTLY whether you’re running 6×5.56 mags or 6×7.62 from shock cord or the 3 flap.  The pack comes stock with the 6-mag divider, shock cord, and pull tabs.

Small Center Pouch: The small center pouch is a zippered section located between the ammo pocket and the GP compartment.  It’s large enough to fit a large format smartphone and has a glove hook to secure small sensitive items.

The Gap:  The gap between the ammo pocket and the GP pouch makes excellent rifle support for shooting long guns.

GP Compartment:  The GP Compartment is large enough to fit 1x 200 round saw drum.  It has 2 rows of internal elastic loops to help keep your gear organized for quick access at night, as well as another glove hook.  Externally it has 9×3 MOLLE for attaching the Helmet Flap or the Horizontal 5x40mm pouch.  There’s also 2 grommet drain holes at the bottom, which in conjunction with the 2 drain holes in the main compartment can be used for a dynamic cinch strap for securing light loads to the bottom of the pack like Gortex, woobies, ponchos etc.




#ArborArmsUSA #ArborArmsNewfor2018 #TradesmenMultiRolePack #AAJackofAllTradesMasterofSome #TradesmenLine The Tradesmen Multi-Role Pack allows you to clip into your FRC Kit-RS, Flex Assaulter PC or HPRG Flex CAS without compromising your maritime release as well as being highly configurable for whatever mission set you find yourself tasked with, check out the options at

Posted by Arbor Arms on Friday, August 24, 2018


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