Visor Harness System (VHS)


Need Velcro on your car visor for more patches? What about for a first aid pouch? Need to a seat belt cutter? How about a two-way radio holder? Now, what if you could take your visor cover off and carry 2 M4 mags and or a pistol as a minimalist chest rig. That’s exactly what our VHS does. With a myriad of accessories, this is great for armed or unarmed everyday carry in the car, camping, hunting, impromptu range days, emergencies, hiking, or any unplanned adventure that may happen. 


add a velcro on first aid pouch

Add a Velcro One-Wrap harness to strap a SAPI plate to the body side of your VHS
(yeah we know awesome mix vol.2 is a cassette tape not a VHS but your still smiling)

add a Magpul DAKA Window Pouch Zippered Tactical Range Tool and Gear Bag, Medium plus our velcro to shock cord anchors. Perfect for maps and smart devices


Our Visor Harness System is a minimalist chest rig designed to be attached to your car’s visor as an everyday platform for an easy access mudical pouch and other items you want to keep handy in you car in case of any emergencies. The VHS can also be quickly converted to a chest rig for uses as a “get home kit” to carry a varitey of items such as two-way radios, GPS, Rifle magazines, a pistol holster, Hard rifle plate and first aid pouch to name a few. This is your mobile platform that allows you a higly tailorable load for hiking hunting camping or in emergencies and then some.


MultiCam, Coyote Brown, Black, Ranger Green


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