FRC Kit IOTV (US Army)

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The FRC Kit IOTV cummerbund retrofit kit allows you to take advantage of the Arbor Arms FLEX cummerbund system on your IOTV4, SPCS, or MSV without losing the built-in doff-and-don capabilities of the National Molding Quad Release System.

This Item is ITAR controlled and will not be shipped outside of the US.

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This cummerbund retrofit kit allows you to take advantage of the Arbor Arms FLEX cummerbund system on your IOTVgen4, SPCS gen2, MSVgen1 or MSVgen2 without losing the built-in-doff and don capabilities of the National Molding Quad Release System.    (if you have an SPCSgen1 see our SPCSgen1 product page)

Advantages of FLEX cummerbund on your system

  • Perfect Ergonomic fit for Males and Females of every size, and body type  –  Each MOLLE row can be adjusted individually to accommodate every body type i.e. inverted triangle, column, pear while keeping MOLLE columns aligned for attachment of gear.)
  • Increased comfort
  • Breathability  –   The Slotted Elastic of the FLEX system allow the gear to be snug at both the top and the bottom of your breath  reducing bounce while running without restricting breathing
  • Superior Side SAPI placement  –  The elasticity of the cummerbund allows the side SAPIs to remain high and snug through the full cycle of breathing providing unbroken protection to the thoracic cavity
  • Maximizes MOLLE real-estate both internally and externally on cummerbund  –  Allowing for low to no access items like side SAPIs and radios to be mounted internally while mounting high access items like magazines and GP pouches externally
  • Reduced Fatigue  –  Due to the  reduced bouncy of your kit  less energy is wasted during long movements  and oxygen levels stay higher due to breath-ability
  • Superior Movement  –  Items attached internally to the cummerbund create a lower profile allowing for ease of movement both in and out of confined spaces
  • Ease of Adjustment and Snivel gear flex  –  Unlike the stock adjustment fine adjustments can be made and the elasticity allows for putting on and taking off snivel gear without adjusting the cummerbund

2 reviews for FRC Kit IOTV (US Army)

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    Excellent piece of equipment that should be a part of every warfighter’s kit. The more breathable design is a lifesaver in hot or humid climates. Adding equipment is easy and the low profile design for SAPI side plates ensures its light weight. Probably most useful is the elastic; it allows the carrier to stay in place when running without the typical hop up, expands to accommodate a variety of uniforms such as cold weather or rain gear, and ensures a snug comfortable fit. If you don’t have this, you’re wrong.

  2. . (verified owner)

    I purchased this to try and help improve my issued IOTV and it is a huge upgrade. It was a bit tricky to install the cummerbund but once completed, you notice a massive difference. Feels great and doesn’t sag much with side plates attached. Only time will tell if this thing will hold up in the field. Overall I highly recommend to purchase in order to improve your kit.

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