Minimalist Radio Pouch – MRP

From: $69.99

Fully adjustable radio pouch for PRC-148 and PRC-152 and other similarly sized radios includes the MOLLE LZ attachment method.

This minimalist radio pouch can be internally or externally attached via MOLLE, or via any of our other listed LZ attachment methods such as our Velcro Wing LZ or several others.  Although it may be attached externally it was designed for maximizing ergonomics and comfort while affixed internally with on our proprietary elastic cummerbunds.  The shock cord retention system allows for fine tuning the height of your radio regardless of which battery or power reroute you are using.  This vertical adjustment allows the user to find the sweet spot where the operator’s hip will not be rubbed raw, but maintain clear space for arm movement.   The shock cord also allows access to the screen and buttons without removing the radio for any mid-mission programming.  A stiffener at the top allows for easy radio insertion while worn.

Intended for use with PRC-148 and PRC-152 radios but may be suitable for any similar size LE or other radio.

Available in Multicam, Coyote, and Black

* Height adjustable
* Stiff opening for easy insertion
* Buttons and screen accessible during wear
* MOLLE platform and radio Interface detachable





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