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The TRADESMEN SALT PADDED BELT SYSTEM is a minimalist 3 belt system consisting of:

  1.  The Keeper belt; worn on the pants  with loop Velcro to mate the molle sleeve
  2. The Sleeve; mates to keeper belt, allows for molle attachment and wraps around  Core Cobra belt
  3. The Core Cobra belt; this both holds the Sleeve on and provides base for 1 3/4″ belt loop attachments ie; holsters and water wings

The Keeper belt can be worn as the base of the SALT Belt System or alone as an EDC belt.   The Keeper is attached via an adjustable G-Hook in a tailless configuration allowing for both gross and fine adjustment in size when transitioning from IWB carry to battle belt.  There are 6″ of movement in the gross adjustment/connection section and 4″ of movement in the fine adjustment section.  The steel G-hook can also be replaced with a split ladder lock to make the belt non metallic.  It is constructed of type 13 webbing with an 1.5″ strip of loop sewn on with channels to hold up to four 3/8″ zip ties.  This loop is also the matting surface for the Sleeve.
The Sleeve  is less than 2-1/4″ tall and less than 7/8″ thick but still boast; Squadron@ construction, 1.5″ hook Velcro strip for matting to the keeper belt, 3/8″ of foam padding, 2″x.060″ HDPE stiffener,  2 MOLLE rows , and 1-3/4″ web belt attachment.   But what makes this truly unique is that every 2 MOLLE columns are cut in to tabs that wrap around the Core Cobra belt allowing you to “Unwrap” MOLLE pouches and allow the removal of web belt attached items like water wings and holsters WITH OUT restringing the entire Core Cobra belt.
The Core Cobra belt can be used by itsself or with the Sleeve. It is built from a continuous piece of type 13 webbing ( break strength of 7,000 lbs) and an AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle (break strength of 18kN) We fold and sew a segment of the webbing down to 1″ which allows  us to use a 1″ fixed  buckle and create a soft loop for attaching carbines, safety lanyards, and slings.  This configuration allows the Core Cobra belt to be strung through pants belt loops and the belt loops on many accessory pouches.
Because some purchasers already have Cobra belts this Item is for only the Keeper and the  Sleeve  unless you select “Add  Core Cobra belt”
If supplying your own Cobra rigger belt it must be 4″ longer than your pants size due to the girth added by the Velcro and padding on the Sleeve and the Keeper


Out of stock items are built to order. Please allow 1 week for production.


Wolf Grey, MultiCam, Coyote Brown, Black, Ranger Green


8 Tab, 9 Tab, 10 Tab, 11 Tab, 12 Tab, 13 Tab, 14 Tab, 15 Tab, 16 Tab


  1. Kyle (verified owner)

    I have used a lot of different war belts over the years, both professionally and just for training. I have been using a Brokos belt for the last few years and bought this for training. This is my new favorite belt. It’s as low profile as padded belts get but the inner and outer belt idea is a great thing to have in a tactical belt. It’s one of the features I have always loved in my competition rigs and gives a good secure grip without the extra tight feeling. The flap system is also so much easier than having to take a belt completely apart just to change out a holster or pouch. I have used this belt on multiple trainings now and several people have purchased this belt after seeing mine. I can’t wait to see what else these guys come up with. Keep up the great work.

  2. Rick (verified owner)

    I’ve used a padded belt (the HSGI laser cut) before, including a physical 2-gun match that exposed issues with that setup, and this belt solves all my issues with it. Changing whether I use the belt or PALS on a section in the HSGI is a matter of 4 hands and a lot of brute force, while on this belt it might be as much as 30 seconds working with velcro. The hardest part of working with this belt is threading things onto the belt itself over the buckle. Reconfiguring it is vastly easier. The materials used are solid, the stitching is very heavy duty, and overall the build quality is excellent.

    As far as use goes, the padded belt had problems with riding up in my use and flopping around once out of place. This belt doesn’t have that problem, but it is still padded and thick enough to carry a good amount of weight without significant issue. I think it’s the current best option for a PALS compatible belt on the market if concealment isn’t an issue.

  3. Alex (verified owner)

    This belt hits a happy medium between a full on padded war belt and a outer gun belt. The laser cut panels make scaling the belt very fast and easy. Molle pouches attach very easily because you can undo the panel while you thread pouches on. The padding and Velcro flap that wraps around adds perfect amount of standoff significantly reducing interference between belt kit and armor.

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