Tradesmen SALT Flat Belt System

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The Tradesmen Segmented Adaptive Lasercut Trio (SALT) Belt System is a  minimalist  3 belt system consisting of

  1.  the Keeper belt (worn on the pants  with loop Velcro to mate the molle sleeve),
  2.  the  Sleeve (mates to keeper belt, allows for molle attachment and wraps around  Core Cobra belt)
  3. the Core Cobra belt (this both holds the Sleeve on and provides a base for 1 3/4″ belt loop attachments ie; holsters and water wings)

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The SALT Flat like our original SALT Padded is a 3 belt system allows for easy  attachment via MOLLE to the sleeve or with 1.75 belt loops through the Core COBRA belt all of which is held solidly in position with our loop faced liner belt that runs through your trousers, and can be worn as your daily use belt.

Tradesmen SALT Flat Belt System 15Tradesmen SALT Flat Belt System 16

On the SALT Flat, we have removed the closed cell foam padding for users who do not need standoff from the body and whose mission dictates a lower profile.

Because some purchasers already have Cobra belts this Item is for only the Keeper and the  Sleeve  unless you select “Add  Core Cobra belt”

If supplying your own Cobra rigger belt it must be 4″ longer than your pants size due to the girth added by the Velcro and padding on the Sleeve and the Keeper


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