The Arbor Arms LITTLE-G HYBRID LINER BELT is designed to be the level “0” belt in our SALT belt system.


The Arbor Arms LITTLE-G HYBRID LINER BELT bet was designed to be the level “0” belt in our SALT belt system. With that being said, it also work perfectly as a daily use belt for EDC or in uniform. The Belt is made from 1.75″ Type 13 webbing, which is stiff enough to support holsters and other items, but soft enough to be comfortable when worn daily. The belt has 4 subtle channels that allow for the carry of large zip-ties for a low visibility restraint option that also adds some additional rigidity to the belt when they are carried. The Belt has two levels of adjustment; a gross adjustment with one of five G-Hook slots (adjusts in one inch increments) and a fine adjustment (web slider that anchors to using hook and loop). The ease of adjustment allows you to quickly adjust tightness to accommodate IWB pistol carry or to quickly tighten your SALT Belt.  The belt is available in Tan or Black


Wolf Grey, Black, Ranger Green, Tan 499, Olive Drab


8 Tab, 9 Tab, 10 Tab, 11 Tab, 12 Tab, 13 Tab, 14 Tab, 15 Tab, 16 Tab


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