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The COMBAT WOMBAT PLACARD – CPS is a three to six mag carrier with the ability to swap out or use with the general-purpose insert.  Compatible with most placard attachment systems.  This “marsupial” pouch can attach via First Spear Tubes, split bar Taktic buckles, Snap-On common loops (for fixed side), Snap-On Side Release Buckles, and web-looped cobra buckles. This array allows our flex cummerbund to pull from the face of the placard keeping you wombat stream line and low profile, no matter how much you stuff in or remove from it.



These buckles are to be attached directly to the buckle attachement points on your placard, while leaving a second buckle on plate carrier. They must mach the buckles you use for your cummerbund.

Kydex Inserts

Kydex Inserts add retention and can be used in place of, or in addition to, the shock cord pulls. Save $5 on the Kydex inserts by adding them to your Combat Wombat, rather than purchasing them separate.

Allows you to attach your tourniquet to the base and/or sides of your Combat Wombat using the grommet holes.


MultiCam, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black, MultiCam Black, Wolf Grey


  1. Mitchell Chan (verified owner)

    Fantastic solution for people that want a swiftclip compatible kangaroo pouch. Optional side buckles ensure tight retention for a comfortable load bearing setup. The included magazine insert plus the kydex inserts make speed reloads easy, with the kydex retention being somewhere between the esstac kywi shorty and mid. It would work for more administrative reloads if you used the elastic retention only, but you could always get the enhanced 3 mag pouch with kydex inserts for the best of both worlds. This placard plus the gp/tablet pouch makes for a relatively slick front placard that can store quite a bit. The mulitmode tq attachment is perfect on the side, adding little extra bulk while making the tq easily accessible. I paired this configuration with a medical nut ruck for a solid setup that has everything I need to go from covert to overt in seconds with everything I need. I even tried this placard as a chest rig, using my own h-harness and loopfield backer. It was a comfortable setup, but this pouch excels at fast and dirty work on a plate carrier

  2. jordanrileyalan (verified owner)

    Beyond pleased with this product. Once my placard arrived and I was able to handle the product, I couldn’t believe I only spent $99 on this thing. It comes with everything you need to attach it to a plate carrier or chest rig. Impressive amount of room, but it’s profile doesn’t make prone an issue. Overall I’m kinda blown away, especially at the price. I plan to buy various other things now because Arbor Arms sold me on their quality and creativity. Well done.

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