Good’nuff Gun Belt

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The Good’nuff Gun Belt (GGB) is a flip in the Arbor Arms Innovation
Mission. The GGB is specifically designed to meet a price point that
America’s sea of Responsibly Armed Citizens can afford, and will still give
them a safe and clean way to manage ammo and store their pistol.
The GGB is effective whether utilized at the range, for home defense, or while dry-firing and practicing weapon manipulation.

Standard size fits a 42″ waist and smaller. X-Large fits a 60″ waist and smaller.

The GGB is the perfect kit for gun owners ready to step up to be
Responsibly Armed Citizens: equipped, prepared, and proficient with their tools.

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Good’nuff Gun Belt in depth

The 80/20 Rule:  You will spend 20% of your time making 80% (Good’nuff )
solution;  you will spend 80% of your time polishing off the last 20% of
a perfect execution.

Arbor Arms is known for designing perfect solutions for the world’s elite
Military, Law Enforcement, and competitive shooting communities.  Arbor Arms products are all manufactured
in the USA with US materials.

The Good’nuff Gun Belt (GGB) is a departure from Arbor Arms normal mission to make professional-grade high-end equipment. The GGB is specifically designed for America’s drastically increasing numbers of Responsibly Armed Citizens at a price point that anyone can afford, but that will still give
them a safe and clean way to manage ammo and carry their pistol.
The GGB is effective whether utilized at the range, for home defense, or while dry-firing and practicing
weapons manipulation.

The Good’nuff Gun Belt includes:

*GGB – Is a one-size-fits-most 2″ belt made from our extremely durable laser cut laminate material. The GGB features laser-cut MOLLE slits to allow the addition of any MOLLE compatible add-ons (such as First Aid Kits, dump pouches, etc.), we have also incorporated a dual-adjustable side-release buckle with Velcro one-wraps on both ends to clean up the excess on the ends of the belt for a streamlined finish.   Standard size fits 42″ waists and
smaller.    X-Large fits a 60″ waists and smaller.

*The Stash – Is a universal 4-compartment magazine pouch that fits 2 rifle
mags (556 or 308) AND 2 pistol mag/ tool compartments that will accept
single or double stack mags or miscellaneous items like flashlights or
multitools. It also features holes on the bottom to accept our Arbor Arms Multi-Mode Tourniquet Adaptor.

*The Bucket – Is a semi-rigid, universal holster that fits most semi-auto pistol from compact to
full-size pistols with or without a weapon-mounted light.  This innovative universal design features a stiffener at the mouth and a rigid hook-and-loop molding strip to contour to the dimensions of your pistol.  It also features a shock cord retention loop to securely retain your pistol during movement with a stow slot to retain the shock cord when speed is more critical than extra retention. The stiffener at the mouth of the holster mitigates the potential found in other inexpensive holster designs to make rebolstering difficult and potentially dangerous.



1 review for Good’nuff Gun Belt

  1. Seth H. (verified owner)

    The holster is surprisingly effective, even without the safety strap it was able to hold my PX4 about as well as a kydex holster would. The mag pouches are nice too, similar to Ten-Speeds but with a rigid panel between the pistol and rifle mag slots. size adjustment is pretty simple (maybe a bit too simple) and the buckle has a nice heavy click. Overall a great belt for the price.

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