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The FLEX – Communicator Armor System (CAS) was designed in conjunction with HPRG specifically to answer the requirements of Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) and other Commcentric professionals  that require management of radios, PTT interfaces as well as antenna , hand mic and remote power source cables while retaining clean and safe maritime release capability.

Flex Cobra buckle cummerbund attachment

Propitiatory woven MOLLE elastic cummerbund,  fully adjustable and end user serviceable, allowing for simultaneous inside/outside MOLLE attachment

4 Point Maritime Release ( 2 points on each side) with stowable quick ditch loops

Body side map pocket

4 way stretch for streamline plate fit on front plate bag

Kangaroo pouch accommodates three M4 type magazines plus ruggedized tablet

7 comm ports in back plate bag

Cable management ties on cumberbun

Moisture wicking, breathable spacer mesh lining

HANK non slip shoulder straps with end user configurable stock bolster slots

sizes Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large

weight:  2.1 lbs on  size s/m



Includes;  Magazine Insert,  GP/Tablet Insert, and Shoulder Pads




Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 14 x 3.5 in

Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Black


Small/Medium, Large/Extra Large

1 review for FLEX – CAS

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Burnt Stone (verified owner)

    I have been using this kit for around 5 months now and have finally had the opportunity to utilize this kit in every way it was designed to be used. My first two months of owning this kit was to break it in with PT. I’d go on just front/back ESAPI plate runs to full up mission load out, side ESAPIs and rifle for distances up to 10 miles. This kit is glued to your body no matter what the load out is. Even with the side plates my underarms weren’t getting obnoxiously rubbed and that was with just a T-Shirt. I even went on some runs with just the kit and no shirt, literally zero hot spots. I’d do MURPH, sprints and other plyometric exercises with this kit and not encumbrance came from it. No matter how explosive my movements were, the kit stayed in place and moved with my body.
    Once I was done breaking in the kit and adjusting each cummerbund strap to my liking, (I would go one extra MOLLE column wider on the top strap for my lats) I started to shoot in it. The non-slip in the shoulder pads and straps made the rifle purchase true and consistent. Issued kits in the Marine Corps have buckles where the rifle should go which obviously is a problem if you shoulder your weapon quickly onto a plastic buckle and it slips after your first shot. I personally run my rifle stock off my plate just below my eye and didn’t have a problem with the kits shoulder straps bunching up with my extra shoulder movement to get the gun there.
    Next was to shoot pistol in both a dynamic and static environment. Literally no issues at all. Even with side plates, the cummerbunds keep them tight into the body allowing for an unhindered pistol draw path along the side of my body. Another shooter does the super aggressive forward lean and shoulder roll forward when he shoots and didn’t have a problem with mobility in this kit. I shoot a more upright, high and back shoulder posture and didn’t have an issue either there. After running barricade shooting, shooting and moving and sprint/set up drills, this kit maintained consistent throughout the entire evolution. I ran it a few more times with rifle/pistol drills being the focus to see how my gear works around my body and not my body around it. Aces, across the board. This kit is a second skin.
    The final trial I wanted to run was doing CAS on the move in a combat environment. Since I haven’t gone OCONUS with it yet, I had to make due with rolling into house runs and controlling while mobile. I run a simple tablet for decon, lines 4, 6, and FAH. That tablet pouch fit my 8” tab with case in there upright perfectly. Since the cummerbunds are attached to the front of the pouches in the front, the tab gets added retention in the pouch as well. I don’t run those juggernaut cases that sit over my mags so my kit was relatively streamlined for being a dual comm with tech. The cable management channels along the cummerbund and shoulders kept things snag free from the front PTTs to the MAST antennas in the back. It’s shooters preference on which side he wants captive during a kit ditch procedure, but this kit lets you ditch either side with independent pull tabs located at the bottom left and right of the front. Super simple donning and doffing even after a cut away.
    I hope this review would help out any other JTACs who want to step up their gear to work for them, not the other way around.

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