FLEX Assaulter Plate Carrier



Cummerbund Size *

Choose between standard wich is good for chest sizes up to about 50″ +/- side sapis and warming layers and XL. Both can be reduced to 4″

Maritime Release Kit (MRK) *

Add Maritime Release and save -$5

CORE Placard system *

Choose the Core Placard that fits your mission

Side SAPI Pouches (set) *

Need Side side SAPI pouches? add them to you order and save -$5

Add Minimalist Radio pouch (MRP) *

Got Radios? Bundle your Minimalist Radio pouch (MRP) purchase with you order and save up to -$15

FLEX Shoulder Pads *

Want some additional Comfort and streamlined comms cable/drink tube management? Add a set of FLEX Shoulder pads to you Assaulter and Save up to -$5

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The FLEX Assaulter is our Ultra light laser cut Plate Carrier.  As with all members of the FLEX family of Plate Carriers and Cummerbund kits It gives you   the advantages that come from our AustriAlpin FLEX Cobra buckle and proprietary slotted MOLLE elastic. With this system you get mobility, speed, silence and ease of access for donning and doffing as well as patient access during combat medical situations.   The FLEX Assaulter base carrier allows for our most streamlined lightweight package at 1.87 lbs and allows for the addition of an integrated Maritime release to meet your mission requirements.   Additionally the FLEX Assaulter will accept any of our mission modular rigs from our Core Placard System (CPS) this system gives the end user the flexibility to swap their Core load as the mission dictates via low profile G-hooks or Fastex buckles allowing the end user to keep their cummerbund mounted comms package intact while quickly swapping the Core load to whatever kit the mission requires.

The FLEX Assaulter system allows you to radically tailor your carrier to your needs, build your carrier to the specs required and save when you bundle during your initial purchase. Decided you need to add some items later? no problem, you can add them to this highly modular system any time!

Small          1.59 lbs / 719g

Medium     1.69 lbs / 765g

Large          1.74 lbs / 796g

X-large       1.84 lbs / 835g

Maritime release           add .18 lbs / 82g

X-long cummerbund    add .16 lbs / 73g


*Any bundled items will be in the same color as the base carrier unless specified otherwise in customer coments

Additional information

Weight N/A

Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam

Plate Bag Size

Large (10 1/4"x 13 1/4"), Medium (10"x12" and 9 1/2"x12 1/2"), Small (8 3/4"x 11 3/4"), X-Large (11"x14")


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