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The Flex Releasable Cummerbund Kit – IOTV (Improved Outer Tactical Vest)

  • Replaces the standard cummerbund with improved MOLLE Elastic
  • Hook/Loop closure system is replaced with the FLEX Cobra Buckle by AustriAlpin
  • Retains and integrates with onboard Maritime emergency release
  • Gives the end user a quick quiet doff and don
  • Improves ease of access for combat medical treatment
  • Improves breathability and reduces soldiers load issues

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The Flex Releasable Cummerbund Kit – IOTV (Improved Outer Tactical Vest) is a cummerbund retrofit kit that replaces the cummerbund on your IOTV updating the archaic attachment methods of hook and loop flaps with the Arbor Arms FLEX Cobra buckle by AustriAlpin. Replace sloppy static cummerbunds with our proprietary woven MOLLE elastic allowing inside and outside attachment in the same channel also holds your armor close, and flexes with your body’s movement, while maintaining a streamlined profile.

If you don’t like your current armor system FRCKit!

***(ACU IOTV used to show contrast,  FRC Kit – IOTV designed to work with  OCP/Multicam, Add on Side SAPI and Minimalist Radio Pouches are available in Multicam)***

Due to the complexities of manufacturing, a MOLLE ready slotted elastic the elastic cummerbunds only come in solid colors.   Selecting the Multi-Cam option will only change the color/ pattern of the webbing of the anchors.



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